Consultancy & Research

University of Northwest has over 100 academic staff with a wealth of research expertise in business, education, science, technology, computing, sustainability, health, arts, law and social sciences.

Consultancy and research projects at University of Northwest provide access to the University’s best research, technologies and resources.


A consultancy project addresses a business issue or challenge and involves specific problem-solving for the client organisation. It is usually carried out on a short timescale, the results are confidential and the client owns the Intellectual Property (IP).

Contract or Commissioned Research

Contract or commissioned research is a project carried out to a specific client brief; for example, proof of concept, proof of market or market analysis. It may involve R&D, market research, laboratory testing, data analysis or field trips and can be short-term or long-term. The focus of a contract or commissioned research project is to apply research to real world problems.

Collaborative Research

Collaborative Research brings two or more parties together in a research partnership, each bringing their own expertise to the partnership. Collaborative research is a mid to long term commitment, often funded by Research Institutes, government or charities, the results are published and the University owns the IP.

Testing and Validation

Our expert academics can conduct rapid prototyping, product development, model generation and computer simulations in specialist high-tech laboratories. We can also provide guidance on patent applications and IP Licensing.

Faculty Research & Consultancy Services

Several of the faculties run their own research and consultancy services, including:

  • Music Therapy Clinic has two fully equipped therapy rooms.
  • Equine Reproductive Behaviour Consultancy is run by Dr William Brown of the Faculty of Science and Technology.
  • Engineering Simulation Analysis & Tribology Group Computing and Technology, and undertakes collaborative research with companies in thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and heat transfer.

Expert help

University of Northwest ‘s business development managers will match your business requirement with the right expertise, develop your consultancy or research proposal and assist you in writing a research bid to secure funding support (if available). Get in touch and talk to us about how research can benefit your business.

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